We set the agenda and decide the future of the California independence movement.

About the Calexit Congress

The Calexit Congress is an assembly of proponents of California’s peaceful separation from the United States of America. Launched by Yes California in February 2021, the Calexit Congress meets virtually on a weekly basis to discuss matters important and relevant to the campaign for California independence and maintains a public forum in which it conducts its daily business.

In the course of its work, the Calexit Congress:

  1. passes resolutions on a variety of topics that speak for the California independence movement as a whole;
  2. votes on how Yes California may spend donations received from the public;

Approving how
donations are spent

Like the U.S. Congress, the Calexit Congress has the power to decide how donations received from the general public are spent by Yes California.

Speaking for the

The Calexit Congress has the power to write up, vote on, and approve resolutions that establish the movement’s official position on a given topic.

Collaborating and building our future

The Calexit Congress has been charged with the responsibility of setting the agenda and platting the course for Calexit moving forward.

Connect with the
Calexit Congress

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