The Calexit Congress is an assembly of proponents of California independence from the United States of America. The Congress meets virtually once a week and conducts its daily business in a public forum.

Created by Yes California and launched in February 2021, the Calexit Congress was primarily established to achieve three goals: the formal organization of the California independence movement, the democratization of its processes, and transparency in its operations.

To achieve these goals, the Executive Board of the Yes California Independence Campaign has delegated some of its powers to this Calexit Congress. The first is the power of the purse. That means all decisions regarding the spending of donations received by the public go through the Calexit Congress. The second is the power to establish the official positions of the California independence movement by passing resolutions on matters of importance to California and relevant to the campaign for independence.

While at the present moment membership in the Calexit Congress is open, a standing Rules Committee was recently established. This Rules Committee has been charged with establishing and keeping track of the rules and procedures of the Calexit Congress, among which will be rules concerning who may serve as a member of the congress and how to become a member.

The Calexit Congress is currently being chaired by Marcus Ruiz Evans, president of Yes California, until its rules have been established and Yes California finishes the process of registering with the IRS and Federal Elections Commission, as required.

The Calexit Congress currently consists of 35 members.