Calexit Congress establishes Calexit Institute

The Calexit Congress, the governing body of the California Independence Movement, has approved the establishment of the Calexit Institute – a new educational wing that will offer courses on issues related to California independence and self-determination, and award those who enroll and successfully complete the educational courses with certificates.

Speaking for the Congress, Marcus Ruiz Evans, head of the California Independence Movement, said he has witnessed a significant rise in interest and growth in support this year – even after the inauguration of Joseph Biden as president of the United States. “People are realizing that Joe Biden’s policies are not that different from the polices of the previous president,” he said. “And they’re starting to feel let down by that realization. Look at the border. Not only are children still being held in cages, but there also appears to be a surge in arrivals making the situation there even worse. And by preventing journalists from having access to the facilities and by asking elected representatives not to share photos from the border, there is less transparency on this issue – and others – with this new administration. On top of all that, we just learned President Biden intends to keep building parts of Donald Trump’s infamous wall.”

This new surge in interest in separation from the United States – something members of the campaign say will allow California to implement an immigration and border policy of its own that more aligns with the values of the people of California – is what brought about the idea of the Calexit Institute. “We want people to be informed about what is going on and how that is related to the idea of California becoming its own nation. And we have always wanted a way to dispel myths and misinformation about our campaign and about independence in general,” Evans said, adding that by providing an educational means for people to learn about California history, self-determination, and other related topics, he expects undecided Californians to get off the fence. “All of our courses will be fully academic and fact-based. These courses will not be about teaching talking points to activists, they’ll be about teaching ordinary people issues ranging from history to law to economics,” he said.

The Calexit Institute is expected to be developed throughout the summer of 2021 and the Calexit Congress hopes the Institute will launch its first courses, which will be self-paced and offered fully online, by this fall.

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