Our Members

The Calexit Congress currently consists of 35 voting members. Here you can learn a little about each member’s biography and why they are a proponent of Calexit.

Marcus Ruiz Evans

Jason Wright

Professor Walter Williams

Nickolas Wildstar

Cuauhtemoc Morgan

Sam Chaney

Robert Stark

Farhad Khorasani

Kambiz Mostofizadeh

Christine Howard-Eshmawi

Dewank Mahajan

Stephen Axelman

Doug Bloomer

John Bowman

T.J. Shelton

Jewelina Acosta

Michel Becher

Alejandro de Barça y Laie

Aaron Gleason

Don Sutton

Daniel Garcia

Mike Kohl

Non-Voting Advisors

In addition to voting members mentioned above, there are also a number of non-voting advisors to the Calexit Congress.

Christian Egglishaw

Alastair Caithness

Stephanie Kamari

Suzanne Sherman

Marcus Pulis

Brett Pike

Daniel Rice

Daniel Rice is the Ambassador from the Texas Nationalist Movement. He serves as a liaison between the independence movements of Texas and California.

Alexandra Rallis

David Rodriguez

Jared Moffat

Scott Territo

Richard Mullins

Alyssa Rose