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APPROVED - March 11 - Federal courts existential threat for CALIFORNIA VALUES

Marcus Ruiz Evans



CALEXIT CONGRESS general assembly
Sponsors:  Marcus Ruiz Evans
Signatures: SEE FORMAL VOTE 
Topic: Call for Californians to recognize that the Federal courts will strike down California laws that keep our people alive and that represents an existential threat.
Adopted by the Calexit Congress on: March 11 2021

The Calexit Congress,

Reminding everyone in California that we saw the American Federal court system has been made to be dominantly under the influence of conservative judges, changing the nature of the courts to a way they haven’t been for almost over half a century.

Reminding everyone in California this shift in views of the Court has happened at the 9th circuit level and the Supreme Court level – meaning there is no chance to participate in any meaningful manner with the Federal court systems without assuming that our laws will just be struck down automatically.

Noting that the 9th circuit court struck down a recent law designed to keep Californians safe from mass shooting massacres as has happened in America in multiple cities in recent years.

Noting that the Supreme struck down a recent law designed to keep Californians alive from the Coronavirus pandemic and forced Californians to undergo conditions which scientist know will result in unnecessary deaths.

Noting that this represents a pattern and that it appears multiple laws across a wide array of health and safety concerns will be struck down by the Federal court systems in the near future.  


Calls for Californians to understand that clearly the Federal Court system represent a threat to Californians ability to literally save our lives and prevent unnecessary killings.  

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Marcus Ruiz Evans



THE CALEXIT CONGRESS: requests your vote as a member

Do you support saying the Court system of the USA too often strikes down CA laws we need to protect ourselves.


X = yes

Marcus Ruiz Evans  X
Jason Wright  X
Professor Walter Williams  X
Nickolas Wildstar  X
Cuauhtemoc Morgan  X
Alexandra Rallis  ABSTAIN
Sam Chaney  NO
David Rodriguez ABSTAIN
Robert Stark MORE TIME
Farhad Khorasani  X
Kambiz Mostofizadeh X
Christine Howard-Eshmawi  X
Dewank Mahajan X
Stephen Axelman X
Darin Brown  MORE TIME
Abstain Doug Bloomer  ABSTAIN
Jared Moffat  X
John Bowman  X
Louis Marinelli  X
T.J. Shelton  X
Abstain Scott Territo ABSTAIN
Jewelina Acosta  ABSTAIN
Richard Mullins ABSTAIN
Michel Becher  MORE TIME
Alejandro de Barça y Laie X
Aaron Gleason X
Don Sutton  NO
Daniel Garcia X
Alyssa Rose X
Mike Kohl X
Return California / John Simcha NO
Adam Kokesh  X

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Marcus Ruiz Evans



Federal Appeals Court Throws Out California Ban On Large-Capacity Gun Magazine, August 14, 2020, Npr
“In a blow to gun control activists, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that California's ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines is unconstitutional, violating the Second Amendment.”
“Large-capacity magazines, also called high-capacity, are defined in the law as magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. In recent years, they have been used in mass shootings ending in widespread carnage. The shooters behind attacks in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, in 2019 and the 2017 Las Vegas massacre all used such magazines to kill and injure dozens if not hundreds of people within minutes.”

‘Something has gone seriously awry’: Supreme Court strikes down California’s Covid ban on church worship, Josh Marcus, Independent UK, February 7 2021   
“California churches will be able to re-open with limited capacity after the Supreme Court struck down some of the state’s strict coronavirus policies.”
“The decision signals the priorities of the court’s new conservative super-majority to protect religious rights, even at the potential expense of public health.”

The Supreme Court hasn't been this conservative since the 1930s, By Joan Biskupic,  September 26, 2020

How Trump is filling the liberal 9th Circuit with conservatives - The court's changing ideological makeup could wind up giving states like California less legal elbow room to challenge Trump policies., By SUSANNAH LUTHI, 12/22/2019
“If the trend continues, it represents a major shift in the liberal wing of the judiciary, meaning lawsuits for progressive causes won’t find a friendly ear as easily as they have. The circuit has been the go-to venue for activist state attorneys eager to freeze Trump policies on health care, immigration and other social issues.”


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Marcus Ruiz Evans




C.R. 1

To express the opinion of the California Independence Movement on the American federal court system and the threat it imposes on California.



MARCH 11, 2021

Mr. MARCUS RUIZ EVANS introduced the following resolution


To remind Californians that the American Federal Court System is comprised of a majority of federal judges appointed by Republican presidents, and that these Republican-appointed judges have changed the nature of the Courts in a way that poses a threat to California’s culture and sovereignty.

To specify that the threat to California’s culture and sovereignty comes primarily from the Supreme Court of the United States, which is now comprised of 6 justices of conservative legal thought counterbalanced only by 3 justices whose legal philosophy more closely aligns with the values of the people of California, but that the threat is also represented by the fact Republican-appointed judges hold a majority in a majority of the United States Circuit Courts, thereby creating a conservative filter of cases that are heard by the Supreme Court.

To bring attention to the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States recently struck down a California regulation that temporarily prohibited large private worshipping gatherings in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the midst of a pandemic in which over 500,000 Americans have perished.

To note that this decision by the Supreme Court of the United States represents a continuation of a pattern whereby conservative federal judges have used theirpower and jurisdiction to overturn laws enacted by Californians’ duly elected representatives in state government, and additionally to remind Californians that previous Supreme Court decisions have struck down California laws aimed at

prosecuting child molesters, at providing information on family planning options available to expecting mothers, at preventing the sale of violent video games to minors, and at protecting communities from gun violence, among others.


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